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In order to purchase real estate at the best possible price certain fundamentals should be followed. I will outline those fundamentals in this article, however, not all of these recommendations work all of the time.These ideas have been developed over my 24 year career in real estate and some have been learned from those who have in excess of 4 decades of real estate brokerage. They work !

There are exceptions to every thing outlined here, however, most of these ideas are of value most of the time. Nothing works all of the time.

Discount vs. Full Service Real Estate Brokerage-the Lowdown, the Illusion in Metairie,Kenner,River Ridge,Jefferson & New Orleans

As an experienced broker of over 43 years I find the discussions swirling around full service real estate brokerage verses discount brokerage to be interesting but in many instances to be deceitful to the general public. Indeed, advocates and proponents of full service brokerage attempt to paint a picture that really does not exist in the real world of real estate brokerage. When asked to explain the difference between them they have great difficulty drawing distinctions.

Kenner Real Estate Broker

Larry Trunk is a top notch real estate broker in the Kenner, La area. Larry has been a broker for decades. This is the experience you can trust when looking for a broker to complete your real estate transactions. Larry has dozens of trained and aggressive sales people to help move your property to the S-O-L-D category.

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Larry Trunk, Inc. is a full service real estate brokerage firm located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Larry Trunk brings 45 years of experience in diverse real estate transactions. He has proven time and time again that "Everything We Touch Turns To S-O-L-D." Larry Trunk focuses on real estate transactions in the areas of Metaire, Jefferson, New Orleans, Harahan, Kenner, Gentilly, Lakeview, Gretna, Harvery, Westwego, River Ridge and Ormond / Destrehan. His staff can help you with real estate transactions ranging from first time home buyers to four plex and investment properties. It doesn't matter whether or not this is your first or fifth real estate transaction, you can trust the experience and real estate savvy of Larry Trunk.

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