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Harahan,Louisiana- A Small City With Big Ambition

Harahan is a relatively small municipality whose notoriety is totally disproportionate to its size. That is to say that it is in the news more than any comparable size city for its politics and a variety of other issues. In my opinion, this speaks well of the civic involvement of those who reside there as they take pride in this small city. In many instances you will find two or three generations of the same family living within the city limits.

Harahan is basically bounded by Old Jefferson on the east, Metairie on the north, River Ridge on the west and the Mississippi River on the south. There was a time when Harahan was considered relatively remote and natives considered it simply too far away. This was true when proximity to the Orleans Parish line was the yardstick by which the Eastbank of Jefferson was measured. Initially, real estate in order to be desirable had to be below Causeway (east of Causeway Blvd.). That gave way to above Causeway( west of Causeway) as being acceptable –as long as it was not as distant as Harahan, River Ridge or Kenner. Those sentiments are no longer true ! Today, all of these communities are embraced as wholesome and readily acceptable areas to reside in. Times have changed as the population of East Jefferson has grown and the demand for variety of housing has increased and become more sophisticated. Harahan as a residential community offers a friendly atmosphere for relaxed suburban living but with most city conveniences. Shopping is acceptable but not quite on a par with most other areas heretofore mentioned. Elmwood is the nearest major shopping area just to the east of Harahan. There are a variety of schools and churches within the city limits which would be best described as reasonably convenient. The crown jewel of the city is Colonial Club Gulf Course situated between Jefferson Highway and the Mississippi River Levee. It has a certain ambience which is not easily duplicated, but it has experienced financial difficulties in recent years. This difficulty has led to a spirited debate between those who wish to preserve the club as it is, and those who would like to ease the financial burden of the club by a condominium development near the levee. As in all civic debates controversy swirls around increased traffic, congestion, drainage and flooding issues, yet, inevitably, economics may eventually be the prevailing factor. Recently a major developer has appeared on the scene offering some potential solutions, giving rise to some optimism.

Housing in Harahan ranges from about $120,000 to the high six figures. The most appealing subdivision in my opinion is Imperial Woods, where prices range from $250,000 up to $750,000 with an occasional exception. Lot sizes for the most part are generally modest in this area. Harahan Oaks is another subdivision located off Colonial Club Drive with more reasonably priced home –but certainly not inexpensive. Abutting this subdivision is Royland subdivision which is an area of smaller and less expensive homes. This subdivision, however, has begun to change as more and more teardowns are occurring and more lavish homes are replacing the small cottages-similar in many respects to the situation in Old Metairie. Two other subdivisions of note are River Oaks and Colonial Estates which range from around $190,000 to $400,000. These are two very nice areas of homes with mature landscaping, tall trees , limited traffic, most having been built within the last 50 years. Harahan is basically single family residential with a limited supply of multi family and condominiums.

Jefferson Highway is the major east - west thoroughfare through the city with Hickory being the major north south artery. Over the last 10-15 years attempts have been underway to develop Hickory into an area of antique shops, but success has been at best, limited. Hickory becomes David Drive north of Airline and David Drive becomes Power Blvd north of Veterans (Same street running nearly from the lake to the river but with three different name changes)

Harahan has its own recreational department with a well equipped playground –Harahan Playground-which has a gym, horseshoe pits, tennis courts and a softball/football field. Another pleasant recreational area is the Mississippi River Levee which is an enjoyable area for jogging, bike riding or leisurely walks. Harahan, as a city, is compact, well maintained, well governed and a totally pleasant place to live with interesting nooks and crannies-and for some reason – usually in the news for its politics.

The preceding article is subjective in nature and represents the opinion of author/ real estate broker Larry Trunk.

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