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Metairie Real Estate Market

Metairie Real Estate MarketMetairie is an unincorporated area located on  the east bank  of Jefferson Parish. It is at once, dynamic, impressive, progressive, affluent and vibrant. It is bounded on the north by Lake Ponchartrain, on the south by Old Jefferson,Harahan and  River Ridge, on the  west by Kenner  and on the east by the now famous  17th Street Canal

(the canal whose levee was breached  by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 causing unprecedented  flooding and devastation in parts of Orleans Parish).

It is governed by a parish council and a parish president. The word parish in Louisiana is synonymous with county in all other states. Metairie is the crown jewel of Jefferson Parish and it is close to being the tail that wags the dog with respect to New Orleans. Close !

The two main east- west thoroughfares are Veterans Memorial Blvd. and Airline Drive. Jefferson Highway also carries much east-west traffic, although it is slightly south of Metairie. Major north south arteries are Causeway Blvd, Clearview and David Drive.

Perhaps the most successful shopping mall in Louisiana and one of the top malls in the United States is located at the intersection of Veterans and Causeway and is known as Lakeside.


Metairie real estate ranges from moderately priced homes  from $125,000 to  expensive homes in the $2,000,000 and up range. There are many subdivisions in Metairie as subdivision development began about 50 years ago. In the  Below Causeway area (east of Causeway, from I-10 to Lake Ponchartrain) there is Whitney Heights and Wilshire Heights with homes ranging from $225,000 to $600,000.Also in the below causeway area(east of Causeway and south of i-10) is the area known as Old Metairie with the  expensive and notable  Metairie Club Gardens Subdivision.  Above Causeway (west of Causeway) there are a large number of subdivisions. Those which are worthy of note are Ponchartrain Shores, Ponchartrain Gardens. Bridgedale, Airline Park, Willowdale, Elmwood, Bissonet, Lynn Park, Westgate, Palm Vista, Lake Vista of Jefferson,  and a host of others. The lakeside of Veterans was developed in an orderly fashion and generally speaking the homes get more expensive as one moves in the direction of the lake, although there are notable exceptions to this..


Recreational facilities abound with  Lafreniere Park being the largest.It has a a 2 mile jogging path, a lake , picnic facilities, swings and slides for children  plus several roofed  areas for relaxing and barbequing. The levee bordering Lake Ponchartrain also is a pleasant area for a stroll or watching boaters. Metairie has at least seven playgrounds operated by Jefferson Parish with a variety of sporting activities  for all

ages-from toddlers to adults Most of the Playgrounds have gyms, softball diamonds,

swings, sliding boards and several have tennis courts. LaSalle Park, on Airline Drive, near the Saints training, camp. has jogging paths, softball fields, trees and benches to relax on  and pass time.

Access to medical facilities is excellent in Metairie with East Jefferson General Hospital and several smaller hospitals. Veterans Blvd is the primary commercial artery in Metairie with two major shopping malls and many smaller strip centers ,restaurants and boutiques. The area known as “Fat City”  renowned for bars, clubs ,and restaurants  is about as close as Metairie gets to being offbeat. It is located just west of Causeway Blvd between Veterans and W. Esplanade.  Metairie, today, has matured into a sophisticated metropolis, replete with shopping. housing, apartments, recreation, entertainment,  services of all types, restaurants -totally self sufficient. About the only thing that it lacks is the French Quarter and the Superdome and those of us who reside in Metairie have been considering annexation of the Quarter and the Dome !


The public school system in Metairie is well thought of and is supplemented by a network of private and parochial schools. Archbishop Rummel and Archbishop Chapelle are the preeminent Catholic High schools., while St. Martins , Country Day, Ridgewood  and Ecole Classique are the notable private schools among others. Churches of all denominations are literally spread  throughout  Metairie. Public transportation is available but definitely leaves something to be desired by comparison with areas of similar size..


Metairie real estate has traditionally held its value even when some neighboring parishes have had difficult times when high interest rates have had a dampening  effect on values and that speaks well of the regard that most have for the area. Vacant residential real estate is scarce and at a premium  as, lots (small by comparison to other areas ) in the range of  50’ or 60’ front by a depth of 100’ to 110’ can easily exceed $125,000 ! Metairie is definitely  regarded as a high cost area in terms of both vacant  residential and commercial land. New construction is limited as the supply of available land continues to dwindle. However, Metairie is beginning to experience a “Teardown” phase in certain areas, such as Old Metairie and the area generally bounded by Airline., W. Metairie, Causeway and Clearview, where smaller cottages are being razed and replaced with both single and fee simple title townhomes. The condo market is fairly vibrant as natives continue to find condominiums  an acceptable alternative to single family homes.

In summary ,Metairie is no longer a bedroom community of  New Orleans which it once was. It has become of age and compares most favorably in all respects with New Orleans. I have resided in Metairie for over  five decades and I have been active in the Metairie real estate market for 16  years. I know the ins and outs, the plusses and minuses, the desirable from the less desirable-I know the heartbeat of Metairie ! I am professional, responsible and highly competent at what I do best- marketing Metairie real estate quickly and  efficiently at top dollar ! I am also prepared to locate exactly what you are looking for as a result of my extensive knowledge of the area, values, financing and negotiating skills. Try me- trust me-I will get the job done !


The preceding  article is subjective in nature and represents the professional opinion of author.

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